C12 Advanced Technologies, LLC

Separator Powder Sheets


Ideal for providing highly uniform distributions of ceramic setter powders and for eliminating distortion, drag, cracking, and sticking during firing.



Separator Powder Sheets are thin, flexible sheets comprised of specially processed, high-purity zirconium oxide (ZrO2) aluminum oxide (Al2O3), or magnesium oxide (MgO) particles and a minimal amount of proprietary organic binder that burns out cleanly at low temperatures.  A thin, highly uniform layer of inert ceramic powder is deposited after binder burnout that prevents sticking, cracking, and warping during firing processes.  Lighter-grade Separator Powder Sheets are ideal for firing flat ceramic plates, SOFC's, tapecast ceramics, PZT/PLZT piezoceramics, and other delicate parts that require high surface quality and low distortion.  Heavier-grade Separator Powder Sheets are also available for firing medium to larger sized technical ceramics with superior results.  Separator Powder Sheet advantages include:


  • Reduces labor costs associated with applying sands and powders.

  • Eliminates sticking, setter drag, and cracking of fragile parts during firing.

  • Allows for stacking of ceramic parts, maximizing furnace capacity and efficiency.

  • Produces thin ceramic plates that are crack-free and flat.

  • Improves yields and quality.

  • Reduces lead loss in PLZT and PZT piezoceramics.

  • Reduces contamination and prolongs life of setter plates.

  • Allows use of weighted cover plates to prevent warping.

PZT ceramic plate (left) fired with conventional sifted setter powders shows distortion, setter drag and cracks.  An Identical PZT plate (right) fired with Separator Powder Sheets is distortion and crack free.

Stack of thin ceramic tapes with Separator Powder Sheets inserted between each tape, prior to firing
Separator Powder Sheets are inserted between pressed PZT/piezoceramic disks before firing.



Separator Powder Sheets are ideal for firing difficult components such as thin ceramic tapes or Pb-containing PZT/PLZT piezoceramics.

Separator Powder Sheets are optimally formulated in various grades to be compatible with challenging materials such as:


  • Piezoceramics, Pb-containing ceramics
  • LTCC and glass ceramics
  • Thin plates, tapecast ceramics
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)
  • Specialty capacitors and varistors.
  • Powdered metallurgy compacts
  • Superconductors