C12 Advanced Technologies, LLC
LTCC Carbon Tapes can be laminated and precsion cut with lasers or micromilling.  The miniature insert shown above is 2mm wide and 75 microns thick. 

Precision thick film on ceramic screen printing.

Custom pastes and inks can be applied with syringe or Asymtek fluid dispense machine.
Research and Product Development Services
C12 Advanced Technologies provides custom tape casting,
paste formulation, screen printing, fluid pattern dispense,
and other process development services.

Custom Vehicle Formulation and Tapecasting:

  •   PZT, PLZT, and other piezoelectric ceramics.

    •   Ceramic, dielectric, metallic, and composite formulations.


      •   Magnetic ferrites and rare earth ceramic compositions.

        •   Yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) for SOFC, batteries, etc.

          •   High purity aluminum oxide and magnesium oxide ceramics.

            •   Custom compositions.

            Engineers and scientists at C12 Advanced Technologies are ready to help with the most challenging materials development projects.

            We have the expertise required for demanding applications including:

            • Micro-fabrication of 3D ceramic components for medical

                   and ultrasound applications. 

            • Tapecasting with high surface area powders (>38m2/g).


            • Tapecasting with ultra high purity and chemically reactive ceramic powders.

            • Tapecasting with ALN, Si3N4, powder metals, and other systems that require inert sintering atmospheres.
            Screen Printing:
            • Custom screen printing with C12 Advanced Technologies paste and

                      ink products on LTCC and other substrates.

            • Precision thick film screen printing with customer supplied pastes and inks.
            Fluid Dispense:
            • Custom fluid dispensed patterns with C12 Advanced Technologies paste

                      and ink products on LTCC and other substrates

            • Precision fluid dispensed patterns with customer supplied paste or ink. 
            Solutions for Firing Technical Ceramics:
            • Advanced SPS Sheets for firing delicate and large area ceramic

                      tapes and multilayers.


            • Porous Cover Plates for firing flat tapes
            • Volume forming and sacrificial materials for creating micro-channels,

                      buried cavities, and ceramic MEM's structures.



            Examples of custom ceramic components that

            have been micromachined from high strength

            zirconia using proprietary process developed at

            C12 Advanced Technologies.  The 3D parabolic

            dish shown in this photo is approximately 12mm

            in diameter and the suspended plate is about 40

            microns thick.