Ceramic Firing Materials
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C12 Advanced Technologies produces innovative processing materials for the microfabrication and technical ceramics industries. Our specially formulated LTCC Carbon Tapes and Pastes are used to create advanced features such as microchannels, buried cavities, and MEM's structures in Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) multilayer devices and other laminated components.  We also offer enabling products for the technical ceramic and powdered metallurgy industries, including a reliable and simple solution for eliminating distortion and "setter drag" problems generally associated with the application of conventional setter sands.  Our Separator Powder Sheets (SPS) deposit highly uniform, thin layers of inert refractory particles that prevent distortion, drag, cracking, and sticking during the sintering of SOFC fuel cells, ultrasonic PZT transducers, stacked ceramic plates, powdered metal compacts and other delicate components.